fredag 22 augusti 2014

The Residency

Right now and up until November 2 The Apartment in Copenhagen runs an exhibition by Ilse Crawford that I'm dying to see, here is a sneakpeek.

onsdag 20 augusti 2014

Trompe l'oeil

Every summer the Abbey church of Bellay in Switzerland hosts a contemporary artist to make an exhibition in the magnificent barock church. This year it is photographer Renate Buser who has made a fantastic large scale trompe l'oeil exhibition. Read more here.

tisdag 19 augusti 2014


Hang on to the green..


Basalt, a set of five coffeetables in burnt wood made from one single oak trunk by Studio Normal..Simplicity at its best.

Inwhite and blue

Last spring we did the pictures for the new fantastic Inwhite and Inblue porcelain series designed by Monica Förster for Rörstrand. Today it was finally released to the press and will be in the stores from October.

måndag 18 augusti 2014


I'm obsessed with the quilted fabric that is designed by Patricia Urquiola especially for the Gentry sofa by Moroso and as far as I know the only way to get hold of the fabric is to buy the sofa. Annoying...but good that the sofa is one of my favourites too.

söndag 17 augusti 2014

A fresh start..

I have so many exciting projects going on this fall, one of them is that I am making a completely new website and a new look on the blog. It is really about time, the website has been closed and under construction for a year and the blog has never changed in five years. I can't wait for it to be released and I am so greatful to everyone involved in these projects who puts up with me being so picky with everything!


I'm trying to make peace with the fact that summer is over and the calendar is already full by talking myself into darker, moody, cosy colours..and it kind of works. Brown will do my fall...(with hints of summer skyblue and grassgreen).

Home away from home..

I love all the hotels decorated by Studio Ilse..and this might be one of her best, SoHo House Berlin