torsdag 26 juni 2014

Anti globalisation

I do understand the importance of branding and recognition but since people travel a lot these days I think it is really boring when the big brands have a global store concept that looks the same in every city and on top sell exactly the same items. Nowadays I try only go to the stores in the country of origin, like Prada in Italy, Alexander Wang in N.Y. etc. but most of all I search for stores with a hand picked selection.
This is  a sneek peak from Isabel Marants brand new flagship store in Bangkok with handcrafted woven bamboo screens covering the walls and ceiling to reference Thai craft culture. To me this is a great example of how to ajust the store interior to the country where it is located and I think this makes global shopping much more interesting. See more from Isabel Marants Thailand store here.

onsdag 25 juni 2014

Ilse Crawfords home

Ilse Crawford is the the master of creating public spaces that feels like home...this is a sneak peek from her own home photographed by Jorge Monedero