torsdag 20 mars 2014

April Issue

 Sneak peek from Danish Magazine RUMs blue April issue. 

onsdag 19 mars 2014

Home Sweet Home..

I have received so many emails from people who wants me to post the new pictures of my home that Petra Bindel did shoot for Åhlens Magazine a while ago. Since I have been in the U.S. working for six weeks I am kind of here we go. Home sweet home..see you on sunday!


Beatiful story "Be Who You Want" by Alasdair MacLellan for ID Magazine (mixed with some random interior pics). 

tisdag 18 mars 2014

T o o g o o d

London based stylist Faye Toogood and her younger sister Erica has launched a brand new fashion label called Toogood  that makes a fantastic collection of eight unisex coats inspired by workwear..I want them all.