lördag 1 mars 2014


As you might know I am in the US for six weeks on a shoot for Herman Miller. (More about that later..). We are having so much fun and the team is amazing. One of the Art Directors started to do a still life a day for Instagram and he challenged me to do the same. (I have shipped 950 kilos of props from Sweden so we have a lot to play with). We hashtagged with stylingcompetition and asked my dear talented assistant Josefin to join in...then my super quick friend Therese joined us and the rest is now history and a proof of how fast and fun social media can be. Please join us with a still life a day #stylingcompetition on Instagram. 
Dear E...you gotta style the shit out of Instagram now!


 Coming soon..

måndag 24 februari 2014


I am always staying in SoHo when in NYC, but Wythe Hotel, a converted textile factory in Williamsburg looks amazing. See more here.

söndag 23 februari 2014

Le Labo

We have finally received our first shipment of Le Labos scentended candles in Lotta Agaton Shop and we are so proud to be the only selected store in Sweden to sell them...and I will for sure place a visit at Le Labos store at Elisabeth Street while I'm here in NY.


After two weeks of fun but hard work in Michigan I am having a week off in NYC with my family. Yay!