lördag 11 januari 2014

Lotta Agaton Shop

I am addicted to the scented candles and fragrances from Mad et Len. They are made by hand in France when you place the order so the wait when we are out of stock is a nightmare..and once we get them they sell out immideately but today we have a new delivery piled up and we also have 40% off on a lot of stuff so put your snowboots on and pop by Lotta Agaton Shop, we are open 12-16. Välkomna!

 For more shop updates follow us on Instagram @lottaagatonshop and for behind the scenes and snapshots follow me on@lottaagaton.

fredag 10 januari 2014

Have a great weekend!

String Furniture 2014

Here are some of my favourite pictures from my latest photoshoot for String furniture a couple of months ago.
We did also build up the white set for Strings stand at London Design Week last fall and right now my dear assistant Sara is in Cologne (with camel and deer skull in the hand luggage..) to set it up for the furnishing show IMM that starts on monday. Don't miss out..
You can see all the 2014 pictures from the photoshoot here.
Photo by Marcus Lawett, style by me and art direction by Magnus Ingerstedt.

tisdag 7 januari 2014

måndag 6 januari 2014


This has been  the perfect lazy christmasbreak but now I am all excited about going back to work tomorrow..Yey!

Oliver Gustav

In times when everything is all about sales, and getting more commercial and digitalised every day I must give a tribute to Oliver Gustav. His old studio was as spot on a couple of years ago (when the industrial vintage trend exploaded) as this new one is now. Dark moody colours, exquisite one off art pieces from designers such as Rick Owens, Faye Toogood and Michaël Verheyden. Only a block away yet miles from his commercial blooming Danish designcollegues.
When in Copenhagen, don't miss out!


You gotta love the dog photos by  Elliott Erwitt who is now showing at Fotografiska in Stockholm.

söndag 5 januari 2014

Petit h

Brilliant Studio Toogood recently teamed up with Hermès to launch Petit h, a more creative and poetic take on the iconic fashion brand. The intire groundfloor at the flagshipstore in London was created into a Studio Toogood interior and installation. Fantastic! Read and see more pics here.