onsdag 3 september 2014

New website!

My new website is finally ready! Thank you Therese Sennerholt for my fab new logo and my dear brother Jonas and his team at Ispy for your patience and a fantastic website. (If you are about to update your website or blog I can truly recommend these guys).
I am so happy and proud to finally be able to welcome you to lottaagaton.com that is now open. Yay! (please don't forget to change your blogsubscriptions and blogrolls since this page will close down). 

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Unknown sa...

Va kul att du byggde allt i en sida! Jag behöver få min klar också :)))

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Edwin sa...

I can fully understand from your images that you are a designer. I love the fresh crispness of your site and also the minimalism that you have employed. Who is it that said 'less is more?' Even the logo stands out as unique. You must be very proud of your effort. I am positive that you will get lots of visits and re-visits once word gets around.

Edwin @ Clicks In Motion

Unknown sa...

Wow! That looks amazing. I love the green and blue motifs – and the way the page looks flooded with light. Love the lifestyle touches too. I’ve found that adding in that lifestyle element always draws more people in because you are showing them the dream and not just the product. Great work!

Blanca Hoffman @ Marketing theProduct

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