lördag 14 december 2013

The Lines Apartment

The Apartment, 76 Greene street, 3rd floor. Don't miss out..and if not in N.Y. you can browse through their amazing webshop here!

fredag 13 december 2013

Hope + CSA

Rumour says Hope is shortly launching their CSA glass bottle in grey..if that is so I want one or two for christmas. Please!

Lotta + Pia

A few months ago my dear friend Pia Ulin and I did this photoshoot for Residence magazine at a lovely old worn castle outside Stockholm.
Photo: Pia Ulin/Link Deco Styling: Lotta Agaton/Link Deco

onsdag 11 december 2013

Link Image Art Edition

Link Image Art Edtion is a part of my dear Link family and a fantastic platform where you can buy limited edition photos and photography books from some of the greatest photographers. For inspiration and urgent shopping needs you can browse through their webshop here.

Happy Thursday

Ho ho ho...tomorrow the shop is open 12-20 (thursdays 12-20 and saturdays 11-16 all December) to give you some extra time for christmas shopping..and we do serve glögg and ginger snaps in the shop all day long. Välkomna!

tisdag 10 december 2013

Busy busy..

As always this time of the year it is crazy buzy. Right now and up until christmas I am working with dear talented photographer Mikkel Mortensen. He has just recently updated his website with new pictures by himself and his sweet assistants Pia and Camilla, check it out here.

Most wanted..

Acnes limited edition vases.