fredag 22 mars 2013

torsdag 21 mars 2013


Here are some pics from the latest issue of Danish RUM magazine that is out today.


Since I don't have a proper website for the shop yet I have to post it here, sorry for that!
Vi gör om i butiken och rear därför bort våra utställningsmöbler till nästan halva priset för att få plats med de nya möblerna...först till kvarn!
Steelwood vita stolar av bröderna Bouroullec 6 st 12.000:- ord pris 23.000:-
Ljusgrå soffa Björn från HAY nu 16.000:- (såld)
Svart Pinastol av Jaime Hayon nu 3.000:- (såld)
Svart Paulistanofåtölj med svart skinnsits nu 8000:- (såld)
Bord Fat Fat svarta från B&B Italia, mini 1500:-, mellan 2500:- (sålda)


onsdag 20 mars 2013

Daniel Rybakken

Talented Daniel Rybakkens products are like light therapy and very well needed days like today when spring seems to have changed it's mind.

Atelier Hoffman

 Czech architects Atelier Hoffman has converted a coal mill near Prague into a their studio. Read more here.

Viw on Colour

The latest issue of Lidewij Edelkoorts magazine View On Colour is out now and you can order your own copy here.

söndag 17 mars 2013


I am going to Paris for easter, do you have any tips on nice restaurants, exhibitions or shops? I have been quite a lot in Paris but I tend to always do the same things and go to the same places and since we will be there for a week this time we  have time to try something new.

Aesop sauna

I just read over at Fridas that Aesop (in collaboration with Marimekko) have launched some new sauna products, I can't beleive I missed this. Anyway, these goodies are coming with me to Piteå this summer where sauna followed by freezing cold swim in the river is a daily procedure..Can't wait!

Where they create

Whenever I need inspiration I look into Paul Barberas site "Where they create" with great unstyled behind the scene pictures from designstudios and other creative spaces. This is the workspace of Studio Toogood.