lördag 9 februari 2013


Every now and then I google myself and it makes me overwhelmed.  Thank you so very much for all the support and kind blogposts and comments about me, my home and my styling that is floating around the blogosphere, every single one makes me very happy and so greatful.

Clamp Lamp

Andreas Martin-Löf just launched his own webshop where he sells his fine Clamp Lamps.

torsdag 7 februari 2013

Home Sweet Home

My home is featured in the latest issue of Residence magazine photographed by Pia Ulin, here are some of the pictures.


New lamps by Nendo for Wästberg.

Fab Kate

 Kate Moss photographed by Daniele + Iango for ID Magazine.

Sakir Gökcebag

 Amazing toiletpaper installation by Sakir Gökcebag. Via.


Flip mirror by Javier Mureno for Normann Copenhagen.

onsdag 6 februari 2013


The iceberg shaped armchair Airberg by Jean-Marie Massaud for Offecct was one of my favourites at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2013.

Heja Hanna!

This great new book and "Lateral thinking" both written by dear sweet Hanna Nova Beatrice is now realeased and I am proud to be selling them in Lotta Agaton Shop.

Patricia Urquiola

This morning I went to NK Inredning to listen to talented architect and designer Patricia Urquiola on a pressbreakfast for Baccharat and Moroso hosted by Trendgruppen. I have listened to her speaches before and everytime I fall in love a little, but I think she hit me extra hard today.
It is not only the italian words slipping in and her great talent but also how she stays true to herself, her curiosoty, her humble way of describing the designprocess and her unmistakable love for her work and her clients. Thanks once again for reminding me of the importance of loving what you do, capito!

söndag 3 februari 2013


This is a very hectic time of the year for me since Stockholm Furniture Fair is on next week. This year I am very happy and proud to be working with Lammhults. I went to Copenhagen a few months ago to shoot their new furnitures for the catalogue, here is a preview (pics styled by me and photographed by Mikkel Mortensen). I am also doing Lammhults stand at the fair with the same industrial theme and an exhibition in an old warehouse in Stockholm city where they will have their big party later on this week together with Bolon and Form Magazine.
I have really enjoyed working with their well designed, graphic and architectual furnitures I hope you like it!