fredag 17 maj 2013

Working process

I have been thinking a lot about the collaboration between Patricia Urquiola and the Italian brand Moroso. I beleive that they work quite diffrent than most other companies in the furniture industry. I think that their longterm relationship and the way they have developed and experimented with their working process, materials and colours during many years now has been the ground and key to Morosos big success and has also given Patricia Urquiola the freedom to grow as a designer. A win win situation. Nevertheless these kind of collaborations is very rare in the furniture industry. We see a lot of similar working processes in the fashion industry. The big fashion houses always sign up with big names to help them develop their  brands on a longterm basis.
In interiors I have a feeling that when a designer raises like for example Nendo did a few years ago all of a sudden he does furnitures for about 20 diffrent companies but only one piece every here and there. I wonder what would happen if we worked  more like fashion (and Moroso) does. What would Nendo do for a company if they let him experiment and develop freely for several years? I think the brands would be more individual and stronger and that the designers would become more brave if they had a design-playground instead of just making safe one-pieces and spend so much time handling all their diffrent clients.

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