söndag 17 mars 2013


I am going to Paris for easter, do you have any tips on nice restaurants, exhibitions or shops? I have been quite a lot in Paris but I tend to always do the same things and go to the same places and since we will be there for a week this time we  have time to try something new.

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The Brunswick sa...

I suggest you look at Carla Coulsons blog, she is an Australian photographer based in Paris. Link is http://carlacoulson.com/category/paris-favourites/

She has regular articles on what to do and see in Paris.

Judy Sederof

Mamen Fiol sa...


My fiancé and I went to a petit and very cozy restaurant recommended by a friend who lived in Paris for several years and we loved it.

It is in a small street (hard to find I have to say) close to La Sorbonne. It is a perfect place for a romantic dinner. If you like sweet treats, I recommend you their tarte tatin.

The restaurant is called Le Petit Prince de Paris on 12 rue de Lanneau.
Contact: 01 43 54 77 26


If you go, I would love to hear your opinion :)



Lena sa...

Kan du inte berätta om dina bästa Paris-tips? Jag åker precis innan påsk :-)

Unknown sa...

Hey lotta,
I lived in Paris for about a year many moons ago and go there very often to visit old friends and family.

I have a post on my blog | Rue du chat qui peche | on my best bits of Paris.


I hope this helps. Have lots of fun!
Thanks for your wonderful blog. Always a pleasure to read!

Unknown sa...

I love le petit prince de Paris!
Great food, ok prices.

Anonym sa...

Don't forget to stop at Merci, the store boulevard Beaumarchais, and at Fleux (www.fleux.com)

sarah sa...


Camilla sa...

Restaurants : Hotel du Nord and Robert et Louise

Enjoy! :-)

Cez sa...

Merci, Colette, Serendipity, Fleux for the shops...
enjoy sweetie

Lola sa...

Super cool exhibition lasting until march 31st, the museum of everything :

Lola sa...

To eat and drink good wine :
(the later is in a nice area for shopping by the canal/ République)
enjoy your stay,

Céline sa...

Check out "Café Pinson" -- organic & mostly vegetarian newly opened café in Le Marais

Lotta Agaton sa...

Thank you all for your tips here on the blog and your emails, I am so greatful for every single one and promise to give you a good report when I get back! ♡

Marja Hosk sa...

Khadi&Co har underbara blusar mm i khadi bomull men finns aldrig att köpa på nätet.

Kickcan & Conkers sa...

Hi Lotta - Obviously Merci, petit atelier de Paris, etc but also L'Illustre Boutique for a selection of the latest, upandcoming young artists' work http://lillustreboutique.over-blog.com/ or L'Atelier Beau Travail http://www.beautravail.fr/blog/ perhaps? Les Puces de Vanves as well, I find it so much cheaper than the fleamarkets down here in the south of France.

Allie Popov sa...

Check out Le Dome du Marais for a sophisticated but surprisingly affordable meal in a beautiful building that dates from 1777.

Unknown sa...

Easter!? Do not miss great chocolate at La Petite Chocolaterie in rue Saint Sabin (near Bastille), or La Maison du Chocolat a bit everywhere in the city!
The Chagall exhibition in Luxembourg is great! And well, of course you shouldn't miss the new Cité de la Mode et du Design, near Gare d'Austerlitz and a trendy drink/ dinner there at Wonderlust!

Next time you may organise your trip and accomodation with me :-)
Enjoy Paris!

Amandine (www.rueamandine.com)