onsdag 6 februari 2013

Patricia Urquiola

This morning I went to NK Inredning to listen to talented architect and designer Patricia Urquiola on a pressbreakfast for Baccharat and Moroso hosted by Trendgruppen. I have listened to her speaches before and everytime I fall in love a little, but I think she hit me extra hard today.
It is not only the italian words slipping in and her great talent but also how she stays true to herself, her curiosoty, her humble way of describing the designprocess and her unmistakable love for her work and her clients. Thanks once again for reminding me of the importance of loving what you do, capito!

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Peeta sa...

She is very talented, also one of my favourite designers (not forgetting amazing Paola Navone) :)

Regards from Finland!