söndag 3 februari 2013


This is a very hectic time of the year for me since Stockholm Furniture Fair is on next week. This year I am very happy and proud to be working with Lammhults. I went to Copenhagen a few months ago to shoot their new furnitures for the catalogue, here is a preview (pics styled by me and photographed by Mikkel Mortensen). I am also doing Lammhults stand at the fair with the same industrial theme and an exhibition in an old warehouse in Stockholm city where they will have their big party later on this week together with Bolon and Form Magazine.
I have really enjoyed working with their well designed, graphic and architectual furnitures I hope you like it!

3 kommentarer:

Daniella Witte sa...

Toppklass Lotta!

Unknown sa...

Helt galet snyggt!!

Bästa bästa!

jessica january sa...

love those chairs in the second photo!

january, x