lördag 5 januari 2013

December chair

This is the latest and last of 12 montly designs from Nikaris project Designs for Nature in collaboration with some of the world’s most renowned designers and design studios who each month during 2012 created a wooden product. December chair is designed by Jasper Morrison and Wataru Kumanu.

Asymmetrical symmetry

 It is all about composition. Symmetrical symmetry.


Faye Toogood and Tom Dixon created this workshop installation for "Be Open Space" during London Design Festival. It shows the production from manufacturing to shop. I really like the idea of transparancy, inviting people to understand the process and work together instead of being all secret and the behind locked doors process. More of that in 2013 please!

fredag 4 januari 2013

Magritte love

Two Verandas house

 Amazing "Two verandas house" in Switzerland by Gus Wüsteman, see more pictures and floorplan here.

torsdag 3 januari 2013


Ski Lodge

Here are some new pics by Kristofer Johnsson from my favourite spot in the Alps, Ski Lodge Engelberg. Great mountain, food and atmosphere with timeless interiors by Code Concept.


 Finally everything is back to normal and the shop is open today!!
Rådmansgatan 7, 10.00-18.00

onsdag 2 januari 2013

Slow Fashion House

Slow Fashion House is a great webshop founded by Rigetta Klint that also publish a monthly emagazine, you can browse through all the issues here.

måndag 31 december 2012


I am clearing my computer, closet, office and throwing out every trace of christmas in an almost manic way today to have the feeling of a fresh blank white new start tomorrow...so goodbye 2012 and most welcome 2013!