fredag 30 november 2012

P A R I S ..

I am off to Paris with my cute darling batman-daughter for a weekend of good food, lazy hotel mornings, heavy shopping and so much fun! Yey! ♥

Designer drugs

Studio love!

This is the Copenhagen studio of Mikkel Mortensen/Yellows where I have been working quite a lot this year and where I have a lot more work scheduled in the nearest future to look forward to..lucky me!

torsdag 29 november 2012

New T.S. stuff

Tomorrow Therese Sennerholt is launching this new print and irresistable new postcard alphabet (that will also be sold in Lotta Agaton Shop).
Styling by my talented intern Josefin Hååg, photo Guido Hildebrand.

Ho ho ho..

We are all set for christmas in Lotta Agaton Shop and the shelves are filled with new stuff. I will be here all day with Emelie, Josefin and Lisa and we serve hazelnut coffee, lussebullar and cheezy christmasmusic with your shopping. Don't miss out..Rådmansgatan 7, open 10-18. V Ä L K O M N A !

onsdag 28 november 2012

Street art

Concealed motorbikes become urban sculptures by Berlin photographer Christian Werner.

Rikas home

 The founder of Rika, Ulrika Lundgrens home is featured in the latest issue of Italian Elle Decor.

tisdag 27 november 2012


Photographer Heidi Lerkenfeldt.


Madeleine Biörck

I am so in love with Madeleine Biörcks big handmade amazing ceramic vases that we just received in Lotta Agaton Shop, please stop by on thursday to have a look..To celebrate this and to survive bad weather and christmas madness we will serve lussebullar and hazelnut coffee with your thursday shopping. Ho ho ho!

10-18, Rådmansgatan 7. Välkomna!

W A N T E D ..

måndag 26 november 2012


Brand new Plug table by Rick Owens has just been exhibited at Galerie Pierre Marie Giraud in Brussells.

Lotta Agaton Shop

I just managed to lay my hands on the last stock of these amazing planners that are handmade in Rotterdam, they will arrive in in Lotta Agaton Shop an about two weeks. Yey...talking about the shop, it is now filled up with lots of great new stuff and this week christmas moves in so make sure to stop by on thursday!
PS Also the Playtype G R E Y posters are finally back in stock.