fredag 24 augusti 2012


Togo sofa by Ligne Roset.

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Simone sa...

Hahaha I have to laugh every time I see this sofa creeping into interior pictures on the net. My mother once bought a very fancy (pretty as well) sofa (this is like 25+ years ago), but it was made wrong (long story) the store took it back (to send it back to the factory) and we got this sofa in exchange for the time being (so we didn't have to sit on the floor). The parents of a friend of mine had it as their permanent sofa. It is very comfortable, but you sit very low, so you really have to climb back up on your feet when you want to get out. Also it is more like having connected lounge chairs than having a couch, because you can't really be comfortable in the "middle" of two seats (so you need one per person). We had it for quite a while.
Have a wonderful day!!!