fredag 18 november 2011


1-Tumblr 2-3 Studio Autori, Rabens saloner, 4-Russel Leng 5-Maya Vik 6-Casa Ffat

Have a great weekend!

...I am off to Paris. Yey!


Dark and moody in next issue of danish magazine Rum.

torsdag 17 november 2011


T.S will launch a set of Celebrationcards next friday.


All in wood in Tübingen by architects Martenson und Nagel.

Le Labo

Le Labo makes really nice perfumes and candles.

onsdag 16 november 2011

Chair 107

Robert Stadler has created this new chair for Thonet.

Beckmans Akademi

My class at Beckmans is over, and I am so proud of every single one of my students. They have all been so ambitious and grown so much as stylists during our weeks together. Last weekend we were shooting at Delight studios with amazing photographer Pia Ulin. The project was for the students to individually come up with an idea, make a full presentation and prepare the fullscale shoot for Therese Sennerholts new prints. We worked with this project during the entire course and I must say that the results are amazing. Annaleena Karlssons picture (first one) is the winning and official T.S. picture and will be launching the new prints next friday. Congratulations Annaleena and big thanks to Guido at Delight Studios, Pia Ulin, Kristofer Johnsson, Therese Sennerholt, Petra Bauer and Beckmans Akademi for letting us have so much fun. ♡
You can see all 15 fab pictures here. ♡

tisdag 15 november 2011

Ineke Hans in Lotta Agaton Shop

Dutch Ineke Hans is one of my favourite designers, so I feel really excited and honoured to be selling her products in my shop. Yay!

Random patterns and shapes


Shigita house by japanese Masato Sekiya. See more here.

måndag 14 november 2011


I am so impressed with Artek right now. Without loosing their heritage they manage to experiment and come up with innovative and surprising product developments. My favourites are the relaunch of the DIY Enzo Mari chair, the white lampcollection and the Comme des Garcons perfume, all so totally diffrent but yet so new and Artek. Heja!
Pics from their new catalogue.


I'm starting off this week with a random mix new pictures from Pinterest. I'm still in the same dark, cosy, moody novembery colourscheme as I was last week. Have a good monday!

söndag 13 november 2011