fredag 3 juni 2011


I went to Lidewij Edelkoorts very inspiring trend lecture in Stockholm the other day. The main theme was "Shopping", she spoke a lot about the lack of love, evolution and concern in our shops today, and that a lot will happen with the shoppingstructure and the shops in the future. We will have more small unique, personal and specified shops like one shop for honey, one for cheese, socks, pencils, towels etc. One brand can't be very good at everything so you should just stick to what you do best.
There is a lot happening on the webshopmarket but most of the webshops are still built on just cut out product pictures with no inspiration and ambiance at all and she thinks that will have to change and also the magazines will have to snap up the ambiance to stay alive.

Less is more. We will see less and better design and sanctuary architecture with strong form and hidden details, all very nicely presented and well packaged.
The ecotrend will stay but in a more "everyday eco way" not so boho. We will continue to see a lot of transformig of existing stuff and recycling. Li beleives that one of the most exciting developments today is that the productions will have to come back and be local again due to the fact that China, Taiwan etc are becoming too expensive for us to produce in and that will result in a more local selection in the shops.

We will see a lot of natural colours from non dyed products, all kinds of "sheepcolours" is the new thing and the new luxury is almost invisible, super high qualities in natural materials like stone, leather and rare animalfibres.

There will be a lot of tents, huts, hideaways and outdoorliving, we will be opening up our homes to the nature and there will also be a lot of furnitures that can be folded and moved around both inside and outside the house.
Bedding, quilted fabrics, stiches, knitware, pompons, rugs, throws, curtains, upholstered furniture and all kinds of textiles is the major new interiortrend that Li believes we will see very strongly for a long time now. Carrot and beetroot will be the additional colours to the naturals.. black is only for hiding!
All pics from Bloom magazine.

onsdag 1 juni 2011


Nendo has designed these wooden bells that plays music.

Folded furniture

I have been listening to Li Edelkoorts lecture about trends for 2012-2013 today, it was very very inspiring and I will give you a report of that later. One of the trends she spoke about was the need to easily move around, we will see more tents, huts and folded furniture like this new Chair D from Kako.Ko in the future.

tisdag 31 maj 2011


Min Favorit

Toio by the greatest Achille Castiglioni and Pier Giacomo 1962 for Flos.

Acne Jr

Acne lanserar en bedårande kollektion leksaker, Acne JR som finns att köpa här.
Acne launches a new collection with iconic toys, Acne JR available here.
Via David Report with thanks.

måndag 30 maj 2011


1-Loppelilla via Pinterest 2-En mammas dag 3- Broutine 4- Ferm living 5-Ffffound

Innovative architecture

Innovative architecture by Jun Igarashi.


Rosendahl har återskapat tre av Arne Jacobsens gamla väggklockor, Bankers, Roman och City Hall som formgavs år 1942-1971.
Rosendahl has recreated three of Arne Jacobsen's old wall clocks, Bankers, Roman, and City Hall which was designed between 1942-1971.