fredag 19 november 2010


Jag älskar älskar älskar Hella Jongerius "Office Pets" som bland massa annat fint just nu och t.o.m. 13 februari visas på hennes utställning "Misfit" på Museum Boijmans i Rotterdam.
I just love everything Hella Jongerius does especially her Officepets that is shown right now at her exhibition "Misfit" at Museum Boijmans in Rotterdam up til mid February.

3 kommentarer:

y_and_r_d sa...

I like it!

Anonym sa...

is this vitra?

Lotta Agaton sa...

Yes some of her things are manufactured by Vitra, but the exhibition shows all her work, not just the Vitra stuff! If you click on Boijmans in the text you can read more.

Have a great weekend.