tisdag 26 augusti 2014

My Ice Bucket Challenge

This is way to private for my comfort zone but it is my way of accepting the #als #icebucketchallenge.
About 12 years ago my mother called me and said that when jogging the last days she had felt a sticky feeling in her toe and that she had the weirdest feeling that something was wrong and was now going to the hospital to check it out. I remember thinking she was acting hypochondric.
The day efter I was called to the hospital to be with her when they told her she had ALS and only a few years left to live. It seemed so unreal at the moment, we were laughing on our way home, saying how could it ever be possible for someone to die from a numb toe. Now I know,  she died two years later. ALS is a fatal, cruel disease with no cure.
The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is amazing and are spreading the awareness in a fantastic way. I can't bring myself to dump ice on my head, this is still way to sad for me but I challenge all my friends and readers, please help fighting for a cure. Dump ice and donate!
(I Sverige smsa ALS till 72901).