lördagen den 19:e maj 2012

Kris Ruhs

This is the fabulous studio of Kris Ruhs, the artist behind iconic 10 Corso Comos great graphics and interior. I want everything in every single picture. Love.
Pics via oeo with thanks.

fredagen den 18:e maj 2012

Organic shapes

 1-Ernst Haeckel 2-Christy Turlington3-Heidi Slimane/YSL 4-Lorenzo Linthout 5-&Tradition

torsdagen den 17:e maj 2012


"Tile Kitchen" by Droog 2001, tiles by Dtile. I'm lovin it.

onsdagen den 16:e maj 2012

tisdagen den 15:e maj 2012

Lucas Maassen

Brainwave sofa by Lucas Maassen.


 Sneakpeek from the june issue of Danish magazine RUM..no longer available in Sweden unfortenately, do I have any Danish friends out there who can send it to me?

måndagen den 14:e maj 2012

Back to black and white

1-Jaime Hayon 2-Cut the crap 3-Daniella Witte 4-Pinterest 5-Isbella Rosellini & Madonna 6-Pinterest.