onsdag 5 september 2012

Café Paris

The best part with working in new cities is that you always end up in nice places since your team collegues can tell you where to go. Tonight I had dinner with my assistant Emelie at Café Paris in Hamburg, great food and interiors from 1882. (Thanks Benjamin and Desirée for great tips).

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engelsk oversettelse sa...

This is really a wonderful place, come here regular since 2005 always full of very interesting people.

Unknown sa...

Awesome! I like the interior of Café Paris because I can really sense the elegance and warm hospitality of the place. The lightings were great as it kept the place vibrant. I admire the people behind this great interior. Many people must’ve been fascinated with the place. Not only have they had high regards for the food, but with the beautiful setting as well.

Allan Olson