torsdag 2 februari 2012

Min favorit!

I love the old leather swanchairs by Arne Jacobsen...if I only could pick one favourite this might be the one..the older the better!
Pic via Riazzoli.

4 kommentarer:

icacarlsson sa...

Just en sådan fin Svan står hemma hos oss ! Min 30- årspresent från mannen. Älskar verkligen den!


PureLivingInteriors sa...

This swanchair is so beatiful ... I love to have one, too. And best one of these olde leather ones. So true, Lotta!

Elv's sa...

The brown old leather is so beautiful.... we share a dream... but mine is for the egg chair :-)

Geisslein sa...

oh I love them so much - an old brown leather one would be fantastic! huuuh - I want! :-)