tisdag 17 maj 2011


1-Workisnotajob 2- Bitte ein kuss 3-Annaleenas hem 4-Pinterest

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vosgesparis sa...

I was looking aty the UK Elle this afternoon and thought I love this house but I already saw this pictures .. and then I read you did the styling .. I felt almost proud haha

Lotta Agaton sa...

Thank you Desiree, I haven't seen it yet but I am glad you liked it! Have a great thursday!

Anonym sa...

Sometimes nice to be nasty, catwoman.
Amina (no blog)

rxmex sa...

hi dear blogger, I came to your blog after I was searching for a Batman girl on Google Images and I would like to know if you know the name of that girl with the Batman mask or at least the photographer's name, let me know if you do pretty please! thanks in advance!!