lördag 12 mars 2011


I always feel so vulnerable when disasters like this happens, It is all just luck where we are at the moment when it happens, who looses everything and who sits down having breakfast with the family reading about it in the morning.
My thougts are in Japan today, with all the people who suffers unbelievable loss and to all with loved ones to worry about.
I think any helporganisation will do but it is important that we do what we can to help. I turned to Red Cross (press this link if you want to do so too). ♡

5 kommentarer:

Therese S sa...

I agree. Terrible. Gräsligt. Nu får det vara nog med naturkatastrofer.

Annaleenas hem sa...

Så fint att du tar upp det..
Känner precis likadant.

Jag lägger ut röda korsets länk också.


Stella sa...

Thank you for paying attention to this terrible event in Japan. I felt sad when I noticed that almost all the blogs I follow just kept on posting about whatever was on their mind without a single word about the earthquake and tsunami. I think these kind of quiet posts are important.

nat sa...

thank you Lotta. It's hard to know what to do...You gave us an image to capture and share the sentiment - and the donation link as well

warmly, nat (and tip)

Leigha sa...

You continually impress and inspire me. Not only with your immense talent, but with your humanity as well.