onsdag 29 september 2010

So Long As It Is Black

Snyggaste nättidningen, So Long As It Is Black..GAH!
The nicest webmagazine, So Long As It Is Black!
Tipstack till Therese!

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Anonym sa...

Hej Lotta! I absolutely love your work, one of the living rooms by you was the primary inspiration decorating my studio. So now I happened to bump into your blog and have been browsing around all night.

x Hanna

Lotta Agaton sa...

Thank you Hanna...that makes me so happy to hear, pls come back to the blog!


agnes szucs sa...

wow! that shoe is amazing... so much that i would wear it in any other color, too!

Therese S sa...

Ja, visst är den snygg!? Heja Majbrit Weidemann! Hon är grym och har även en reklambyrå som heter Sort.dk. Tummen upp för driftiga människor. Danskarna håller ställningarna. Skål för det.

Lotta Agaton sa...

Agnes, i knew you would like this!

Therese, thanks!


liv sa...

The first photo is amazing...